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Welcome To The Provincial Administration Website

Provincial administration is set up purely for administrative purposes. The province is headed by a minister appointed by the President and there are ministries of central government for each province. The administrative head of the province is the Permanent Secretary, appointed by the President. There is a Deputy Permanent Secretary, heads of government departments and civil servants at the provincial level. Lusaka Province is divided into eight districts, namely, Chilanga DistrictChirundu DistrictChongwe DistrictKafue DistrictLuangwa DistrictLusaka DistrictRufunsa District and Shibuyunji District. All the district headquarters are the same as the district names. There are eight councils in the province, each of which is headed by an elected representative, called councilor. Each councilor holds office for three years.The administrative staff of the council is selected based on Local Government Service Commission from within or outside the district.

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