LUSAKA Province Minister Sheal Mulyata has called on traditional leaders to continue promoting unity and peace among their subjects to enhance development in their chiefdoms.
Speaking when she officiated at the installation of Chief Bunda Bunda the eleventh on Saturday, Ms. Mulyata said development can only be achieved through unity.
“Since independence chiefs have played an influential role in fostering good governance, peace, security and national development as they have assumed the role of ‘change champions’ in the fight against child marriages, gender-based violence, alcohol and substance abuse,” said Ms. Mulyata.
The Minister said the need for traditional leaders to preserve peace and stability cannot be over emphasized.
And Chief Bunda Bunda, Chimpepe the second’s representative, Judge Edward Musona, said it was unfortunate that succession disputes had taken so long from the time Chief Bunda Bunda the tenth died in 2013 leading to court sittings.

Judge Musona said now that the Supreme Court ruled that the Kashimbi family are rightful heir to the Bunda Bunda thrown there must be peace and unity in the chiefdom.
He said the Kashimbi family remains committed to the spirit of reconciliation so that development is enhanced in the chiefdom.
“We remain committed to the spirit of reconciliation and here where we have reached today is time to work, to rebuild and to foster unity”, said Judge Musona.
Meanwhile, Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo who is also Chongwe Member of Parliament expressed concern at the illegal allocation of land by traditional leaders in Lusaka Province.
Ms. Masebo said it is unfortunate and sad that Chiefs in Lusaka Province have sold out land without the consent of their subjects.
The installation of David Musona has come following the Supreme Court ruling of March 20, 2024 where it was ruled that Chausa Mwachindalo of the Tubi Kalifu was not the rightful heir to the Bunda Bunda throne.
From 2013 when Chief Bunda Bunda the tenth died, the Chiefdom which has more than 187 villages had been rocked with succession disputes after the Tubi Kalifu family which came on the throne in 2018 despite the case still being in court.

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