Offered by Various Departments

Lands Survey

Land surveys are done to show the boundaries of a parcel of land. You can apply for this service to order a survey for numbered parcel by a Government Surveyor or, If you have already used the surveyor of a Private Surveyor apply for lodgments of survey records and diagrams

Lands And Dead's

A Deed of Assent is an aspect of probate law necessary to transfer a property from the name of a deceased person to the intended heir. The executor of the will, who handles the dispersal of the deceased person's property and belongings, agrees to sign over the property into the heir's name.

Lands Resettlement

Resettlement is to resettle targeted citizens both on voluntary and involuntary basis in order to provide them with an alternative livelihood while uplifting living standards of the rural communities. Applicant: Individuals. Citizens, Non-residents are allowed to apply. Administrators can apply

The Digital Era is Now

The Government has continued the onboarding of Electronic Services onto the Government Service Bus and are accessible to the Public

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