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The District Administration is made up of the Council, Office of the District Commissioner (DC) and the traditional administration. Traditionally, Chirundu District is administered by three chiefs namely Chief Sikoongo, Chief Sinadambwe and Chief Chipepo. Chirundu is home to the Tonga and Goba people.

Chirundu District is 136km south of Lusaka and it is under Lusaka Province. It borders Siavonga District on the west and Chikankata District on the north, Kafue District in the east and on the south is separated from Zimbabwe by the Zambezi River.



I Constituency and 10 Wards


The District is characterized by very hot weather with average temperatures of about 39 degrees Celsius in summer. It is a drought prone area (has both valley and plateau areas).


The economy of Chirundu is predominantly Agriculture which includes both livestock farming and crop cultivation.


Chirundu District is drained by Kafue River and Zambezi River.  The district is lowly harnessed on the banks of the Mighty Zambezi River and has two major road bridges across the River.


The District of Chirundu is 400 meters above sea level. It lies low in the Zambezi Escarpment.


The Chirundu Petrified Forest is an area of fossil trees 21 km west of Chirundu Town, lying just south of the Chirundu-Lusaka road near the Kariba turn-off. It is a listed National Monument of Zambia.

To the North east of the District Boundary is the Confluence of the Kafue and Zambezi Rivers. This is an area that is endowed with great game species like the Elephants as well as a number of bird species.


Chongwe District has a population of 47, 971 people (CSO 2010 population projection report) and the population density 27/㎢

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