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The District draws its name from Rufunsa stream and it was declared a District in 2012 by the President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency the late Michael Chilufya Sata. Until its declaration as a District, Rufunsa used to be a sub-district office for Chongwe Municipal Council.

Rufunsa District has 1 Constituency and 10 Wards.

The District is relatively warm and experiences a tropical savannah climate characterized by three seasons’ i.e. hot wet season (November to April), cool dry season (May to July) and hot season (August to October). The average minimum rainfall is about 800 mm per year. While the average minimum temperature is about 37 degrees centigrade for most of the year, the average minimum temperature in the month of June is about 5.6 degrees centigrade with Night frost.

The District’s main water bodies are the Lunsemfwa River to the North, Luangwa River to the East and Chongwe River to the west. The other water bodies are seasonal streams that drain into the Lunsemfwa and Luangwa Rivers.
The main natural features in the District are the Muchinga Escarpment mountain range that is mainly concentrated on the Northern part of the district with some valleys in parts drained by some seasonal streams. The Western part bordering Chongwe District is relatively flat while the middle part along the Great East Road is relatively mountainous. The landscape in Rufunsa district consists of a series of east-west hill ranges at 1,200-1,500m Above Sea Level (ASL) and plateau at an altitude of 910-1,200m ASL that is bounded by a hilly escarpment to the east and south that merges into the Lunsemfwa and Zambezi valleys in the Northeast and South, respectively.

Rufunsa is dominated by Miombo woodlands vegetation type with Isobelinia, Brachystegia, mopane and Julbernardia species being predominant in the area. Sandy loam soils in the district are covered with Brachystegia-Julbernardia (Miombo) woodland that is interspaced by the wetland (dambo) scrub and grassland which covers 80%. The relatively more fertile clay soils are covered with acacia (Munga) woodland.
The population of Rufunsa District is approximately 51,002 (CSO 2010) of which 25,785 are Male and 25,217 are Female and there are 9,297 households while the projected population figures for 2016/2017 is 71,000.

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