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Investment is required to increase productivity and enhance value addition for maize, cotton, soya beans, tomatoes, horticultural products, livestock and fisheries. Out of the area of about 22,000 square km which translates to about 2,190,000 hectares of land that the Province covers, 55% is arable. However, the cultivated land under Lusaka Province is 850km square (85,000 ha) representing 7% of arable land. Furthermore, the province is endowed with enough water bodies such as the Kafue, Zambezi and Luangwa rivers that can be used for irrigation.

The investment opportunities in the maize sector include:
• Value addiction – Milling Plants;
• Establishment of Stock Feed Milling Plants;
• Establishment of Maize Storage Sheds

Cotton as a raw material is readily available for value addition to produce products such as fabric and garments. Investment opportunities in this sector relate to the:
• Establishment of the textile industry
• Establishment of Cotton ginning plants;
• Establishment of Stock Feed Milling Plants;

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